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5 Christmas Inspired Ideas for Photography

Christmas photography is a wonderful way to experiment with your products and general photography skills.

You can play with Christmas lights to create amazing bokeh. Or take advantage of traditional baking and elaborate festive decorations for fun portraits or Christmas still life.

If you’re not yet in a Christmas mood and need some inspiration, here are 5 ideas you can try today.

1. Capture a Christmas Themed Flat Lay

If you don’t feel like going through too much trouble for a photo, you can go for a festive flat lay. Tell a story about what you’re going to do during the Christmas period. Are you going to see family? Shoot a suitcase in fairy lights. Are you going to spend it under a blanket with a book? Perfect! Add a cosy knitted scarf or a jumper, a couple of garlands or toys, a wrapped present, some cinnamon or anise stars and lots, lots of marshmallows!

2. Add Snow to Your Christmas Still Life

Create a snowy scene using flour or powdered sugar. Perhaps you want to shoot a landscape with a gingerbread house. Or maybe you want an arctic scene with decorative polar bears. You can even use scattered flour against the dark background to create a snowstorm.

3.Create Still Life Photography Christmas Cards With Festive Letters

Christmas baking is an exciting theme for any food photographer. One of the creative twists you can add to it is including text in your photos.

Wish someone a Merry Christmas with letters made from gingerbread, sprinkles, dough, chocolate or candy canes!

The easiest way to get into food typography is to work with templates. My handwriting is shocking! My writing is almost illegible, and I can’t draw a straight line to save my life.

But I can work with an existing font and create a lovely Christmas postcard.

First, pick the text you want to use. Something along the lines of Happy New Year, Let It Snow etc.

Then choose a font that will be easy to work with. It needs to be something quite bold and easily recognisable. Templates with aligned letters are easier to arrange evenly. And they’re easier to lift with tweezers.

Print it on thick paper. And cut it with a Stanley knife. Place this template in the centre of your image, and arrange a simple composition around it.

Then fill out the template with something free-flowing like flour, powdered sugar, sprinkles, cocoa powder or cinnamon. Carefully remove the template with tweezers and photograph the letters.

4. Capture Steam Over Hot Drinks

A nice hot cup of tea is perfect for staying warm during the winter. Or maybe you prefer coffee or mulled wine? Make a mug of that and cozy up.

Watch the steam rising above that cup — that’s what Christmas is made of. And Christmas photography of steaming hot drinks evokes that same cozy feeling in your viewers’ minds.

Shooting steam is not even as tricky as you might think. And you’ll end up with beautiful images like these.

Steam disappears very quickly. If you need some time to set your lights and take a couple of test shots, use smoke instead.

Put an incense stick on the edge of the cup and remove it when you’re ready to pour hot water into your cup. Smoke lasts longer than water vapor, so it’s much more convenient for the test.

5.Make a Flat Lay With Star-Shaped Cookies

Christmas images gives us the chance to use even more star-shaped decorations than we usually would. Combine it with traditional Christmas baking and you’ll have an entire starry sky of cookies!

Or why not create a Christmas wreath out of powdered sugar, gingerbread cookies and stars?

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