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iPhone Photography Hacks Everyone Needs To Know. PART TWO!

Hello and welcome back to another blog post!

Todays post is following on from part one because there are just so many hacks that I couldn't fit it all into one!


Don’t zoom, sort it later

Squeezing in on the screen with your fingers will Zoom. Zooming in on a picture brings it closer yet it additionally decreases the nature of the picture. As opposed to squeezing to zoom, move as close as possible to the subject.

The zoom isn’t generally that incredible on iPhones, it fundamentally works by editing the picture and exploding it, which diminishes the quality. Its much better to simply take the photo with no zoom and afterwards zooming and trimming the picture a while later.


iPhone Illusion

Here’s how it works:

  1.  Navigate to the panoramic photo option in the camera app on your iPhone.

  2. Get your subject in the shot and have him/her stand still.

  3. Start panning slowly with the camera .

  4. Have your subject change position super quickly and remain still.

  5. Complete the photo!


Create A Stylish Looking Movie Clip

For this trick you first need to have taken a burst of images.

  1. Head to your camera roll and choose the burst of images you want to use.

  2. Press select so the individual images are shown separately.

  3. Then start recording your screen.

  4. Slowly start scrolling through your images.

  5. When you get to the end stop recording you screen. See video below...

Go back to your camera roll and select the recording you just made, tap edit and crop out the unwanted elements.

Add a filter and you're done!

Access More iPhone Camera Controls

If you have the iPhone XS or older, you’ll see a row of icons at the top of the screen.

From left to right, these icons allow you to adjust the following settings: FlashHDRLive PhotosTimer, and Filters.

But on the iPhone 11 models, some of the camera controls are hidden. To display the icons, tap the up arrow at the top of the screen. Or swipe up on the viewfinder.

A row of icons will appear near the bottom of the screen.

From left to right, these icons are: FlashNight mode (only visible when shooting in low light), Live PhotosAspect Ratio, Timer, Filters, and HDR.

(Note that you won’t see the HDR icon if you’ve switched on Smart HDR in Settings.)

Keep the Flash setting switched off… unless you specifically want to light up the scene with flash.

You can capture photos using one of three aspect ratios: Square, 4:3 (standard rectangle), or 16:9 (wide).

Square and 16:9 will crop part of your image. So I’d recommend you shoot in 4:3 aspect ratio.

The Timer icon lets you set a delay between pressing the shutter and capturing the photo. If you don’t want to use the iPhone camera timer, ensure this setting is switched off.

The Filters icon allows you to quickly change the colour tone of your photo.

Many of the filters add a vintage look to your image. And you can even convert your photo to black and white.

You can also apply or remove these filters when editing images in the Photos app. For this reason, it’s usually better to take the photo without any filter, and then experiment with them in editing.

To shoot without a filter, select the Original filter on the far left.

To hide the camera controls icons again, tap the down arrow at the top of the screen. Or swipe down on the viewfinder.


Keep Your Lens Clean

Your phone endures a lot of abuse from being an object that most never leave the house without, and the camera on your phone is no different.

If your lens isn’t clean, images can have a hazy or dark appearance to them. Simply wipe down your camera lens with a soft cloth (or your shirt will do in desperate situations), and you’re one step closer to creating some beautiful photos!


Volume keys as a shutter

The volumes keys on the side of the iPhone (and on the headphones) also double as a shutter. This is particularly good for getting a steadier shot, especially if you’re holding your iPhone at an unusual angle or taking an overhead shot of your dinner.


Self Timer

iPhone has a timer mode that’s perfect for those group shots or more important selfies. When it comes to food this is great for birthdays and celebrations including cake time. By setting it to 3 to 10 seconds, it’ll fire off a small burst to make sure you capture the perfect shot every time.


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