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iPhone Photography Hacks You Need To Know! PART ONE.

Hello and welcome back to another blog post!

Todays post is all about iPhone photography hacks!

iPhones can be a powerful photography tool but only if you know how to harness the features correctly!

Read on to find out how to make your images POP! Using just your iPhone camera.


Shooting during golden hour

When the waning afternoon light is golden and the scene looks too magical to be real, taking a photo is practically a requirement.

Tap the screen to focus the camera — you'll see a yellow box with a sun icon to the right of it. Then, move your finger down to lower the exposure and take the spellbinding shot.


Capturing a sharp portrait

Portrait mode, which Apple introduced with the iPhone 7 Plus, takes advantage of both of the phone's rear-facing cameras to add depth to images. If you're taking a photo of flowers or a person, Portrait Mode enables you to focus on them and blur whatever is in the background.

To use it, toggle your camera to "portrait" and wait for "depth effect" to appear in yellow along the bottom of the screen. You can use portrait mode when taking a photo of one person or a group of people. In the latter scenario, wait for yellow boxes to appear around each person's face before shooting.

*EXTRA TIP* when on portrait mode move to 'studio light' its makes so much difference to a selfie. Try it! You'll see what I mean.


Long exposure photographs

There is a setting which you need to turn on in order for this to work and many of you may have turned this off in the past. At the top of the screen in the middle there is what appears to be what almost looks like a dartboard. This is the button to turn on Apples Live Mode. This needs to be turned on in order to create the ‘long exposure’ look.

Once you have done this you can capture a photo of the scene you wish to apply this look to. Remember, the phone will ultimately be blending multiple frames together to get the look of a long exposure photo so some scenes just won’t work well. This is going to require some experimentation on your part.

Once you have captured your scene you need to exit the camera app and head over to the Photos App and follow these steps:

  • Once in the Photos App find the image you have just captured and click on it to open it.

  • Swipe up on the image.

  • Below the image there are three effects to choose from. Select the Long Exposure effect.

  • The Photos App will now create a ‘long exposure’ looking image.

  • Add a filter and hey presto! The perfect long exposure photograph!


Capturing a silhouette in front of the sunset

Just because golden hour is over, that doesn't mean your moment for Instagram glory is gone. If you're outside with friends or family, have them stand a short distance away from you, in front of the sun.

To capture the light at its best but keep your subject silhouetted, you need to lock focus. Do so by pressing down on the camera screen until you see "AE/AF Lock" appear in yellow at the top and a yellow box where your finger just was. Then, move your finger down to lower the exposure. Snap away!


Taking a photo of a subject with bright light in the foreground

If you've ever tried to take a photo of someone who's facing bright light, you've probably been frustrated to find that the resulting image is completely washed out.

To balance the light and get a better look at your subject, turn on HDR (found on the upper toolbar of your camera screen) and lock focus. Slide your finger down to lower the exposure. Then take your photo.


Conquering street lights

Street lights are beautiful, but the resulting flare in your photos is less desirable. To fight it, turn off flash, lock focus, and play with the exposure until you get it just right. Take your photo and post to the 'gram for bragging rights.


Hold your phone upside down

This is a super easy one to do! hold your phone upside down and LOW for a unique perspective.

Rotate the image in the photos app and add a quick filter! Voilà!


Review Live Mode Frames

What's nice about Live Mode is that you get a string of possible still frames with each shot.

That means that if the initial key frame isn't to your liking, you can make a selection from any of the other key frames in the sequence.

Select a Live Photo from your library and press Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

On the next screen, move the white box at the bottom of the screen from left to right to find the precise frame that works best, and then select "Make Key Photo."

It's a super easy way to improve your photos without having to take another shot!


Snap a pic while filming

Want to take a quick photo while filming a video? No problem!

Simply tap on the white circle on the left of your screen to snap a pic without pausing the video.

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